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It’s that “trust” thing again!

28 Dec

Trust:  belief that someone, something, is reliable, honest, effective….etc.

I like that definition…effective.  I can (believe) that”they” will do whatever will “produce the desired outcome”.  Awesome…sort of clear.

Oops…I used the word “believe”….”to accept as true”.

(all definitions are from Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary)

Is it coming together for you?  I think it means…leaning back, shutting up, giving way, handing over…the responsibility of a thing.

Responsibility?  2a.  a duty or task that you are required or expected to do.

OH!  I get it, I get out of the responsible part…and get to go straight to the done part.  awesome!

But, the kicker is…I am afraid.  My ethical part is counting on all things being done “right”…”correctly”…etc.  That trust part.  Darn…..

I trust the sun to come up, I trust the darkness to be next, I trust the ocean  to stay where it is, the land to stay where it is, the stars to be shining, birds to fly, etc.  But I have the hardest time with this trusting “my stuff” to God.  (My little, puny, inconsequential, STUFF to God. )

Sounds rather idiotic if you put it like that.  Maybe it isn’t a trust thing at all…maybe it is a CONTROL thing…..hmmmmm.

That, my friends is another story!