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What is important in your faith?

27 Aug

Faith.  Hope. Dreams. Wishes. Love. Beliefs.

All the above…and more perhaps.  Faith is hard to put into a definition…into a category…into a shape or mold.  Faith is that inside of us, that guides our actions, our goals, our plans, our social behaviors…It is the “bigger than life” part…the “all or nothing” part..the “to the stars and back” part.

There is nothing in faith to draw, write down, cook, develop, sing, etc.  Yet, it takes faith…to do all those things.  Faith that the pencil will do what you move it to do…faith that the food will become what you expect it to after being cooked…faith that you can invent, form, etc…and it will work….faith that your mouth and throat (etc.) will issue melodies.  There is something, in everything, unknown and taken for granted. That is faith.

To me, it is faith in all things back to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  That is my choice and my faith.  That is what is important to my faith.

You? Faith is something you must determine for yourself.  We have all been given free will to choose.  Faith is one thing no one can predetermine for you…no one can force on you…no one can even know what you mean by it….Faith is yours.

I beg you, caution you, do not assume a faith for yourself lightly.  Expect to study, delve into, experience with, all that you consider.  I have.  I chose Christianity, not lightly, not capriciously….but after much study and much earnest thought.

My faith brings joy to my life; it lifts my very soul to the stars.  My faith gives me a past, a present and a future that I cherish. My faith gives me my strength, my purpose, my love, my desires, my….everything.

I wish all these for you.  I pray that you find your faith.  I hope your soul reaches the stars.


19 Aug

My new word for the day.  Love this word.

Know folks who “grate” on you?  I do.  I have them in my family. I was raised in Cacophony(discord)…and I learned it very well.

How do you deal with it?  Heck,  I did not even know about it.  I thought is was “modern, righteous, upscale, perspicacious.”   I had no idea it was all coming from unhappiness and inabilities to cope.  I copied…I mimicked…I became.  I was good at it…and loved the founders of it…my prestigious Aunt etc.

I have no clue why it started to “grate”…and show itself as cacophonic.   I only know I reached a point where I could not handle it…take it…deal with it…be silent about it…any longer.

I did not see that coming.  Honestly!  My perfect world, my organized and acceptable world, fell completely apart.

It has been almost a year.  I have been “kicked to the curb” by many of my “known” cacophonists. (new word…love it…) Yet, I am strangely very happy about the freedom I am experiencing.  One of my favorite phrases now, taken from my son(who seemed to know all about this always)  is…”does it matter, anyway?”  Sort of like my favorite poetess….Mary Engelbreit, in her famous words…”Get over it and Get on with it!”.

Do I feel guilty about loosing my “past”?  Of course I do!  But, as in all things….God was there first and gave us these words…”Warn a divisive person once, and then warn him a second time. After that, have nothing to do with him.”  Titus 3: 10

So I will continue on my path, ( which is becoming clearer every day).  Do I believe the “cacophonists” are lost?  Not at all…I just know it is not MY place to try to deal with them.

Cast the first stone.

17 Aug

“They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” Then He stooped down and wrote again in the dust.”  John 8:7-8

Thou shalt not commit adultery.  The law clearly said it.  And here she was…an adulteress.  What in the world was she to do?  Caught…and now death surely was coming…and she was so young.  Why are they asking Him and why is He taking so long to answer?  I am dying here…help me.

I can imagine all these thoughts running through her mind…nervous…frightened…needing hope.

And then Jesus breaks the silence….”All right then, let us stone her…that is the law….but hey…let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”  I bet you could have heard the proverbial pin drop.  And Jesus?  knelt down and went back to drawing in the dirt…calmly…peacefully…quietly.

She was dying here!  Where are you, Man?  Can you not see I need help?  She fidgeted..and twisted maybe….maybe she even swore quietly to herself.  What the heck was she to do now?

Slowly Jesus stood up….and she realized they were all that was left.   What is He going to do to me?  Have I jumped from the pan to the fire?

“Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” He asked? “No Lord” she answered.

And then Jesus said….”Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”(verses 10-11)

It must have taken her a few moments to realize what was happening.  “I am not going to die today”.  What a rush of happiness, a profound sense of hope! I bet she darted off as soon as Jesus turned aside…but later… I can see her easing along the outskirts of the crowd that day…just to hear what this “Jesus” had to say….can’t you?  And then it says in verse 30…”And many who heard Him were saved that day.”  Can you not see her in the crowd of believers?  Can you not see …..yourself?


13 Aug

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”  Ephesians 2: 11 NLT

God is using us…was, is, and will.  We should feel honored…when we complete something good.  Honored, but not proud.  We did not complete anything.  All we managed to accomplish, was listening to God inside of us and doing what He wanted us to do.  That song?  you did not sing it….that book?  you did not write it…that painting? you did not paint it…that strategy?  you did not develop it…

Sorry folks…Everything good is from God.  Be glad that He loves you…be happy that He used you…be proud that you listened.  That is your only contribution I am afraid…you heard and you listened.

Some folks are not real aware of this…they are not really aware of God …maybe they even deny God…it doesn’t change anything.  WE can not change, accomplish, make, prevent, develop, etc….anything.  “Every good thing is from above” James 1: 17….remember?

Life as we know it!

10 Aug

Life….what we wake up to, what we sleep during, what we dream of.  Life….what we see as real.

My “life” changed last year.  In a split second or an hour…it changed.  What was, no longer…what I thought, no more…what I hoped, destroyed.

Why?  It never was all that to start with.  I was blind…I was ignorant…I saw what was not there.

New life?  Yes…trying…looking…hoping…loving…waiting.

Amazed and Humble

4 Aug

Do you ever have a tendency to measure value from yourself and your own perspective?  Are you sure your standard is high enough ….if you do?

I have been blessed, by a young man, who is almost half my age….who started working for this world of ours….trying to make things better for all of us… an age, when I-at the the same age-had thought of nothing but dates or lack there of, popularity or lack there of, beauty or lack thereof….etc.

It is just….how awesome is the life that is dedicated and devoted to others…..from the beginning.  A life that God can use to stretch from….and develop from….

I beg you….use your life….take it and work it and shake it and love it….and get all the greatness out of it.  One thing I know for sure…..God has given us all the “chance” for greatness….just some of us actually take him up on it.  Thank God….I say Thank God…for those who take it up.  They are the ones who make our lives full of the goodness we grab for and expect.

Hope is sometimes hopeless

30 Jul

Ever have those days when nothing sparks your interest?  You try to think of something…anything…that is jolly…happy….that you might be eager for or eager to do.

What do YOU do to get out of this?  Do you just rest for that day and HOPE it will all be gone tomorrow?…this feeling?

Had one today.  Finding a simple, no think chore, or job, was all I could do.  Something I could  just automatically do without thought …as my mind was mush …today.