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Gifts from Our Lord!

24 Mar

1-1255945936kyPsAs a young girl….and as a young adult….  As a mature person….and as a middle-aged one……

I guess for most of my life, I have wondered….”Lord?..what is my gift?…tell me what to do?….I need a talent…a gift….a path!”

Well….I think….we can choose maybe anything that makes us happy, makes us smile…and is necessary for our world.  It took me a lifetime to figure this out…and although I contributed much in trying over the years…I had no major direction.

You might say, what a waste….what a loss….she never used what she was given…..

I think…and I say….oh contrare!….God gave me love for all things….all peoples….all animals….all!  I check out much!  I enjoyed much!  I loved much!   I think I did ok!  God gave me a full palette of many colors.  And I have only touched on a few with many more to go.  This lifetime will be far too short to do it all….but I will do all that I can to enjoy, investigate, and experience…..the colors.

Maybe you are a singer….an educator…a secretary….or a doctor….but I….I am a lover of the colors of all….I am here to express how truly beautiful….it ALL is!

Maybe….anyway….I will continue…with what is on my palette…until or unless….the Lord hands me a new one.

Did you ever Have?

7 Oct

Did you ever Have?.

“I hear the train ‘a coming”

24 Jun

Change is headed my way…I hear the whistle blowing…hope I like what it brings!

I was doing just fine…I liked where I was…enjoyed what I was doing…I only wanted:  more success, more money, more friends, more hope, more love, lol…more  of everything….but not change!

I did not want my life to turn upside down and inside out.  They tell ya’….be careful what you wish for, want, long for, etc.  God does have a sense of humor…and I bet He just can not resist a good kick when you happen to be “bent over picking up a stupid penny”.

Hearing what I did not want to hear, seeing what I did not want to see, the stuff I had hidden from my “sight” …screwed up my nice,” no I wasn’t happy but content”, sort of life.  Go figure!  Who in this world wants to change their view point?  change their outlook? yes, even change their “artistic style”?  This is not exactly what I had envisioned…lol…in my “dream state” of wishing.  Change….fearful…awful….change!

What will become of me… now?  Who will I be…now?  What will I ever do…now?  Why, oh why…did I sigh and long for what I did not have?…..

Well, it is done.  I have to wait and see … now.  like I said… I hear it coming.  My soul feels it, my heart beats it, my nervous spirit attests to it….change.

Fast, faster, and fastest

10 Mar

Life is surely flying by at the speed of light these days.  It seems eons ago that I wrote here.

This week an awesome thing happened.  A business person, out of no where…I do not really know…stepped up to the plate and offered me help that blew me totally away.  She…I guess it is she…started in motion…a way for my business, to get out into the main stream…and give me a chance to survive and develop.  Why?…I asked her…

She said, when she started her business, there was no one to help her.  She was alone, making trial and error choices…and I got the feeling, having a hurtful time trying to succeed.  She has, as a result, helped others, who have come to her attention.  Like in the bible, she is sharing what she has with those who have not…or you can say… she is giving back.   All she asked, was that if I do succeed, that when the time comes…I too, “pay it forward”.  I, of course, agreed.

Why do some folks, feel a need, a responsibility … to give back, while obviously, others, see nothing but their own success and needs?  Why are there “good Samaritans” taking chances on others, while others are crossing to the other side of the path to avoid the needy?  This is a paradox…as old as time.  The chance taker, will actually “increase her wealth and expand her territory” while the others will slowly but surely fade away into nothing.   It is well documented and history proves this and yet some will still take the selfish path of avoidance.  Go figure.

In life, we have choices.  Our legacy, what we leave behind and forward as well…depends on our actions and reactions to situations.   We will decide to be charitable and helpful  or to be selfish and unfeeling.   In short, our life will add or detract.

I do not think I have the “big”ness this person has…yet…and I do not believe I have exhibited this same degree of “largesse” but I do feel that  I will develope and will be able to expand my heart to this degree.  I will be able to “see the need” and be able to fill it.   I believe it is what God intends and what He expects of me.

when we all get to heaven

20 Aug

Today my beautiful Betta fish, Samson, died.  I think his tank was too toxic or something and for my next Betta, I will have a testing kit.  He was only 2.

Samson sat on my desk and every day, he would flip at me….whirl in his tank…pout if I moved his toys…(Tiggers and a Pirate’s of the Caribbean mini puzzle, and a penguin…that sat outside around his tank).  He was very particular and if after cleaning…his tank was turned differently….he might not have anything to do with me until he got used to it again.  He would come up to my side of his tank…where I sit….and flare out…as big as could be…when he was ready to resume our friendship.  He was friendly, proud, loving, and I loved him back….a fish.

This made me think, of all the people….the pets….dogs, cats, fish, bugs, …that I have had in my life and loved…even the neighbor’s kids and their pets…..I love these …and I am so afraid at times that I will never ever see them or “feel” them ever again.

Then I think of heaven and of Jesus…..and how He loves all of us, and even though there is maybe no mention of all our “pets” and things…..I know…that a Lord who is able to love me without reservation….would also love Midgie, and Mitzie, and Bear, and Little Boy, Georgie, Dolly and Diamond… and on and on…many more….and yes, even Samson….a fish… These friends, have enriched my life, given me joy, and returned…yes I said returned…my love.  I also know, that a God who loves all these things…will not let them simply “be no more”….after all, in eternity, in the forever and ever… there is surely room for a dog….a cat….a bird….and yes…..a fish!

A New Day is Dawning!

17 Aug

Hallelujah!  and we start a new week, a new school year, a new season (almost) and for some…a new life…!

As I was doing my devotionals this morn. it kept coming to me …over and over, again, my friend..(lol)..that we can work and work and work and work….and without God holding onto the wheel and guiding us, we are merely going in circles, like someone lost in the woods.

My son was lost on his 3 wheeler last week.  He and his friends rode  on and on and finally figured it all out when  they realized the tracks they were following, were their own.  They had been driving around and around in a big circle.   Isn’t that the way of it? 

When we follow our own tracks, our own path, if you will….we never really get anywhere.  There can be no “reaching the destination” on our own.  God alone knows the way.  He will guide us, lead us, make us successful, send us blessing, even…..but all this COMES FROM HIM.

Once we realize that we can not find happiness or success by doing that which we do ourselves….we can then, look to God, and plot a good course…to Glory.