God and His awesome sense of humor.

30 Aug

Scene With Head Bowed

Last night, I was awake…lying quietly…thinking. My neck had been really bad again. I have some type of nerve damage I guess…and every so often, the right move (or wrong one), sets the pain off again.
I of course often lay quietly and use the time to talk in my mind to God. I of course asked Him…what is with this pain? I have had one kind of pain or another…it seems all my life? Why me?
I could hear, as clearly as if God spoke in my bedroom…”You have much to learn, little one.” I was dumbfounded of course. I am thinking …can’t you just show me in the Bible? do I have to have all this pain?
The pain in my neck and back of my head…made me keep my head down…almost looking to the ground. The only way I could really be comfortable…and I thought…what is this teaching me. and again…clear as a bell….”you need to learn some humility, little one.”…..
Next time the pain is intense and I find myself miserable…I plan on looking at what it might really be….a message from God….to His “little one”.


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