when we all get to heaven

20 Aug

Today my beautiful Betta fish, Samson, died.  I think his tank was too toxic or something and for my next Betta, I will have a testing kit.  He was only 2.

Samson sat on my desk and every day, he would flip at me….whirl in his tank…pout if I moved his toys…(Tiggers and a Pirate’s of the Caribbean mini puzzle, and a penguin…that sat outside around his tank).  He was very particular and if after cleaning…his tank was turned differently….he might not have anything to do with me until he got used to it again.  He would come up to my side of his tank…where I sit….and flare out…as big as could be…when he was ready to resume our friendship.  He was friendly, proud, loving, and I loved him back….a fish.

This made me think, of all the people….the pets….dogs, cats, fish, bugs, …that I have had in my life and loved…even the neighbor’s kids and their pets…..I love these …and I am so afraid at times that I will never ever see them or “feel” them ever again.

Then I think of heaven and of Jesus…..and how He loves all of us, and even though there is maybe no mention of all our “pets” and things…..I know…that a Lord who is able to love me without reservation….would also love Midgie, and Mitzie, and Bear, and Little Boy, Georgie, Dolly and Diamond… and on and on…many more….and yes, even Samson….a fish… These friends, have enriched my life, given me joy, and returned…yes I said returned…my love.  I also know, that a God who loves all these things…will not let them simply “be no more”….after all, in eternity, in the forever and ever… there is surely room for a dog….a cat….a bird….and yes…..a fish!

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