A New Day is Dawning!

17 Aug

Hallelujah!  and we start a new week, a new school year, a new season (almost) and for some…a new life…..yahoo!

As I was doing my devotionals this morn. it kept coming to me …over and over, again, my friend..(lol)..that we can work and work and work and work….and without God holding onto the wheel and guiding us, we are merely going in circles, like someone lost in the woods.

My son was lost on his 3 wheeler last week.  He and his friends rode  on and on and finally figured it all out when  they realized the tracks they were following, were their own.  They had been driving around and around in a big circle.   Isn’t that the way of it? 

When we follow our own tracks, our own path, if you will….we never really get anywhere.  There can be no “reaching the destination” on our own.  God alone knows the way.  He will guide us, lead us, make us successful, send us blessing, even…..but all this COMES FROM HIM.

Once we realize that we can not find happiness or success by doing that which we do ourselves….we can then, look to God, and plot a good course…to Glory.

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