Amazed and Humble

4 Aug

Do you ever have a tendency to measure value from yourself and your own perspective?  Are you sure your standard is high enough ….if you do?

I have been blessed, by a young man, who is almost half my age….who started working for this world of ours….trying to make things better for all of us… an age, when I-at the the same age-had thought of nothing but dates or lack there of, popularity or lack there of, beauty or lack thereof….etc.

It is just….how awesome is the life that is dedicated and devoted to others…..from the beginning.  A life that God can use to stretch from….and develop from….

I beg you….use your life….take it and work it and shake it and love it….and get all the greatness out of it.  One thing I know for sure…..God has given us all the “chance” for greatness….just some of us actually take him up on it.  Thank God….I say Thank God…for those who take it up.  They are the ones who make our lives full of the goodness we grab for and expect.

2 Responses to “Amazed and Humble”

  1. duke August 5, 2009 at 7:22 am #

    hey dear..
    thanx alot…the article is great.
    you know many people go out looking for ways of how they can be great yet in fact greatness resides inside of them!
    i mean we are just engineered for greatness!!!
    God bless you for this insight!

    • quietly21 August 5, 2009 at 8:02 am #

      Thanks for commenting. I read on your page and was indeed sure I had stumbled on the truth…lol. God is leading me, I know not where….but I am trying to keep up.
      I will try to keep up with your blog as well…..thanks.

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